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MAY THE 4th Bring You Nachos & Laughs
"Harlem's In Living Color" Sketch Comedy Show


"Harlem's In Living Color" is an electrifying live sketch comedy extravaganza that brings the vibrant spirit of Harlem and NYC to the stage through a series of uproarious sketches, uniquely-developed characters, musical & Stand-Up guests, and much more! Includes tasty eats & drinks, so get your tickets today.



Renown local Director & Producer, David Givens, inspires and builds community throughout NYC with a variety of productions that are focused on positive local talent and the pure joy of laughter.  

We are super pumped to announce this groundbreaking collaboration, that adds an extra layer of flavor and community spirit to the live comedy experience. This innovative partnership not only enhances the production value of the show but also highlights our commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering the economic empowerment of Harlem.

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