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Our Story

Female Veteran Owned

Nancy began her entrepreneurial dream on a dusty playground in El Paso, TX. She'd buy candy with her milk money and sell it to other kids at recess. Business scaled quickly, but when everyone ran out of money for milk, the authorities shut her down. Since those days, Nancy had dreamed of helping others start businesses with their milk money.

She enlisted as a Private in the US Army and later, in a crazy turn of events, Nancy graduated from West Point as a Lieutenant and an Engineer Officer. Fast forward several years and an all-inclusive trip to Iraq, Nancy left military service to follow her food passion. But once into business planning and learning the risks of starting a traditional food business, she thought there must be a better way.

And now there IS a better way...

So come and let cooking lead you to new opportunities!

Plus, these little guys like to eat and have stuff like electricity and shoes, so help us make money while we help you make money.

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