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Private Event: Bottomless Drinks & Light Bites for MS


At The Townhouse by Portable Provisions...the drinks will be plentiful, the bites will be tasty, and the venue will be gorgeous & reserved exclusively for the MS Analytics & Data + Innovation teams. Whether for post-race or in-lieu-of race, this will be a casual evening to nerd out amongst friends.


The Townhouse by Portable Provisions is a beautifully renovated late 1800's structure on New York's Upper East Side. Chef-Owner Kat Alexander is a lifelong New Yorker and offers full service catering & event planning, on and off premise. Portable Provisions is a proud member of Milk Money Kitchens Inc.

Address: 220 East 81st Street, New York, New York 10013 (look for the Blue Door)

Timing is set for 6:00-8:30pm, in case the race is cancelled or you'd like to start early. For runners coming later...don't fret, just come thirsty. 


This ticket price is per person and feel free to harass Jeff Preston, the event organizer, with any and all of your questions. 


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