We Help Food Businesses Grow

Cook. Sell. Make a profit. Repeat.

We provide shared commercial kitchen space in Manhattan for food businesses to launch & grow their brands. Rent a space, build your staff, and make more food today!

  • Commercially-licensed kitchen spaces to launch & scale your business.

    3 hr
  • Content development for non-cooking staging and media production.

    3 hr
    Contact for a quote
  • Temporary help whenever you need it - only when you need it.

    1 hr
    Starting at $19/hr
  • Launch your business with premium Co-packing services on-demand.

    1 hr
    Starting at $22/hr
Milk Money Kitchens CEO Nancy Preston

Nancy Preston, Founder & CEO

"With expertly designed kitchen spaces, business services, and room to dream…we create opportunities for cooks to go places they would not otherwise go."

About Us

For food entrepreneurs, any day could be the day when the City eats their lunch. That’s why our team helps to reduce costs (and risks) and develop business skills that help grow existing food businesses, as well as launch new businesses from scratch.

Since cooks play with fire and knives, cooking can be brutal. Anyone – from a professional chef to home cook – will enjoy the ease and joy that comes from cooking in Milk Money Kitchens.


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